About us

Our goal is to build industrial and civil buildings, taking into consideration the requirements of labor safety, environmental protection and high quality.

Another factor in performing high quality construction is the formation of a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians. With this aim, we prefer our engineers and technical staff to participate in a variety of training courses and international conferences, improve the level of education at the world's leading educational institutions.

The company, which has a solid material and technical base, professional engineering and technical personnel and a quality control system, uses advanced management methods to perform construction and installation works in a quality, timely and transparent manner, coordinating actions with customers, designers, contractors, government agencies and other interested parties.

One of the important conditions for entering the international arena as a construction company is the formation of a perfect Quality Control System (QCS). The global construction sector has been growing rapidly over the last 20 years. As a result, the increase in the number of construction companies is leading to serious competition in the construction sector. It is impossible to do quality construction work without a perfect QCS. For this reason, SMTS LLC will continue to increase its efforts to further develop the QCS, to improve the material-technical base, to strengthen human resources, and strictly comply with construction norms and regulations.

Violation of the ecological balance due to global warming, high rates of industrialization, the implementation of megaprojects, etc. worries everyone around. As with other industries, the construction sector also demands that environmental protection measures take precedence over commercial interests in both design and construction. Based on the above-mentioned points, the first of the main tasks of SMTS LLC is to spend more money and time on a better study and explore the area where construction and installation works will be carried out, to maintain the ecological balance of the area and to perform construction works using ecologically clean construction materials.

During the implementation of the construction works, SMTS pays special attention to the participation of employees in trainings and providing employees with appropriate personal protective equipment to ensure labor safety.Identification and assessment of risks is carried out in the development of methods of work for the organization of construction and installation works. Our goal is to create a safe working environment by constantly studying and applying international experience in this area.


Our mission

The main mission of SMTS LLC is to bring Azerbaijan's construction science and engineering to the international arena. Guided by business acumen and honesty, we are determined to continue to move forward by learning from international experience.

Our View

The Creator perfectly created everything in the nature around us. All the living things, mountains, forests and oceans are perfect and flawless. Even deserts, steppes, swamps, and uninhabited ice-covered places, which are sometimes unpleasant to humans, are so perfect and beautiful. If we want humanity to live forever happily on Earth forever, we must act without violating this order.

Our values

The human factor is the most important value for SMTS LLC. Any kind of activity, any sphere of production has no value if it does not serve the people's well-being.

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