Ongoing 2014

Baku Tower

Business Center ‘Baku Tower’ built at 109 H.Aliyev ave. Baku, is the tallest skyscraper in Azerbaijan, including the South Caucasus. The building is designed in a modern and postmodern architectural style and has a complex structural design.

The 3.5 m thick foundation of the building rests on 370 piles with a diameter of 1.0 m and a length of 36.5 m. The support structure of the Baku Tower Building, which consists of a composite structure of reinforced concrete and steel, is resistant to magnitude 9 earthquakes. In order to ensure the stability of the structure, special cross-link BRBs (Buckling Restrained Brace) manufactured by the US company CoreBrace were installed additionally on the four floors and a German-made Maurer Tuned Mass Damper weighing 400 tons were mounted on the top floor.

The building has 10 passenger elevators (çünki əslində cəmi lift sayı minimum 17-dir, onlardan yalnız 10-u 8 m/s sürətindədir və bunlar əsas sərnişin liftləridir) with a speed of 8 m/s, underground parking, SPA center, VIP offices, meeting rooms, VIP restaurants.

  • Customer ‘AZVİL TİKİNTİ’ LLC
  • Projector Mazeron Mimarlık, EMİR MÜHENDİSLİK, Cobalt
  • Supervisor Hill International, Turner International, Societe Generale de Surveillance Azeri Ltd
  • General Contractor 1,7 Ha
  • Area 84.486 m²
  • Height of the building 277,3 m
  • Number of floors 50

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